SKINFAKTOR is a professional-only delivery system used to amplify the results that can be achieved in each and every clinical treatment and at home. A unique relationship between technology and functionality, this concept works to correct and prevent skin conditions such as premature ageing, lines and wrinkles, blemishes, uneven skin tone, rough skin texture and dehydration. You will enjoy immediate and visible results when following a skin health program prescribed by your dermal therapist.

SKINFAKTOR works with medical efficacy through a non-invasive process of micro-activation to ‘wake up’ the natural processes within the skin and restoring optimal skin health – all without downtime, pain and skin irritation. Patented German technology combined with the most sophisticated ingredients – SKINFAKTOR is the leader in non-surgical skin revision and rejuvenation.



SKINFAKTOR is proud to offer ethical solutions that first and foremost it stands behind. Apart from strictly opposing all animal testing, SKINFAKTOR has only sourced its ingredients from reputable, fair-trade suppliers. It has minimized surplus packaging by creating a reusable program resulting in a world-first refillable system across the entire range of product! Promoting a responsible and respectful use of cutting edge skin care for both the customer and the environment.



Looking to receive great value or to pay it forward, our shiny, eye-catching box sets offer pathways to achieve your best skin yet!


A highly nourishing, active tonic with 63% active ingredients to hydrate, retexturise, regenerate and strengthen then skin. The Skin Corrector dramatically improves the absorption and efficacy of the SKINFAKTOR Complexes – you WILL be addicted!

Skin Corrector 60 ml, Bottle

Skin Corrector 60 ml, Refill


Skinfaktor treatments are designed to be customised by the skin specialist to correct undesired skin conditions and
prevent premature ageing. Utilising patented technology and sophisticated actives, Skinfaktor is your boutique
cosmeceutical delivery system that optimizes long-term skin health.

With over 40 years of experience in skin, our highly functional treatment concepts deliver powerful serums right to
where your skin needs them most, whilst also stimulating the natural production of collagen, elastin & hyaluronic acid.

To ensure the highest level of result, your skin specialist will prescribe a course of professional treatments &
synergistic home care to maximise your investment in YOU.

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